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Smorgasbord (after Per Lysne)

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Smorgasbord (after Per Lysne)
3D animation, 2 minutes and 10 seconds, 2012

Created during a residency at the Lanesboro Art Center, Smorgasbord represents how cultural traditions and values depend on reinvention and rebirth, so that they may survive (and perhaps even flourish) for future generations. While an animation is usually considered the final representation of the work, I also consider this time-based piece a documentation of my focus on creating the end (bloomed) state, similar to how a rosemaling artist might approach their own process and craft.

The art of rosemaling (translated literally from Norwegian as "decorative painting") is an artistic tradition that began in 18th century Norway as a way to cope with the long, dark winter months. This particular folk art has undergone a large transformation in style and practice, largely in part due to 19th century Scandinavian immigration to America. The man known for single-handedly revitalizing the art in America was an immigrant named Per Lysne. Lysne turned to new rosemaling techniques and applications when he was unable to find work while living in Wisconsin, during the Great Depression.

  rosemal plate by per lysne
  Rosemaled Plate by Per Lysne
Oil on Wood, circa 1940
Courtesy Vesterheim Museum


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