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I believe in the importance of students grasping the fundamentals of aesthetics while also discovering their individual strengths concerning art practice.  In a contemporary art world that is constantly morphing, these foundational skills a student learns will improve their ability to self-process and participate with what is going on inside and outside of the classroom. 

I design my curriculum with the idea that classrooms should not be an environment for a small group of students to excel, but a situation that has potential success for nearly anyone that is willing to give their best effort.  With that in mind, I am dedicated to creating a classroom with a safe and comfortable atmosphere, through the implementation of critiques that are deferential, straightforward, and encouraging. In designing assignments, I create a delicate balance between the formal and the conceptual. I offer them an open path for their ideas to take flight as their skill levels improve.  I include incremental deadlines, sketches, and maquettes into each project, in order to instill a sense of process whilst they accomplish their goal.

Recent Teaching Accomplishments

- Working with the Jim Henson Company on Teaching Collaboration

- My Students Received Award at iDMAa 2013 in Laguna Beach, CA

- A game from a course I teach has won the E3 College Game Design Competition

- The Game Design & Development Program (of which I am the Art Coordinator) has been named in the Top 30 Game Design Programs by the Princeton Review



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