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These 3D animations were done by individual or groups of students for projects in upper-level 3d modeling & animation courses. The pieces (story, modeling, materials, cameras, animation, lights, video, and sound) were created by the credited student(s) under each video. For additional project examples, visit: http://vimeo.com/channels/beckadvancedstudentwork (external link)

Keith Catalano, Andy Bensen, Chayne Bourget, Tyler Haas, & Tou Xiong 

(Hidden because Disney has an embargo freeze until early 2014)
Devon Rutkowski, Megan Richardson, Alex Schultz, Phil Lesnar (Official Entry in the 2013 Disney Imaginations Competition)

Tiffany Truttmann, Amanda Steger, Sam Herder, Juan Sanchez, & Reece Blaiser

Chad Smith, Tim Penderghest, & Nick Machia


Alyssa Eigner, Emma Hextall, Ryan Klauer, Phil Lesnar, Dorothea Rossmeisl, & Amanda Steger


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