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The foundation of my work lies in the sculptural visualization of abstract concepts, collected data, and emotional experiences.  The objects I create often appear deceptive in their form, but upon further inspection it becomes obvious that they are strongly rooted in truth and original meaning. It is no longer the case that a sculpture can only be found in tactile reality.  An object can also exist in a virtual realm, which possesses a rich history of digital manipulation, the imaging of scientific information, and the continual development and invention of technologically advanced processes. 

Using computer software, I create a three-dimensional form that will eventually exist in reality as a sculpture, print, or animation.  The bridge that spans between my training in traditional sculpture and my research in the digital realm allows me to better visualize the conceptual and aesthetic qualities of the work throughout its entire process of development. 

Regardless of the methods and materials I use to create my work, I often experiment with giving up complete control in the formation of the sculpture, in order to better communicate the information I have collected. I do this in a number of ways, such as utilizing mathematical coordinates, altering audio dialogue, or visualizing ideas inspired by personal and societal history. This process results in work that possesses elegantly fabricated features while simultaneously speaking with a clear conceptual voice.


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